The District Attorney of Queens, Richard A. Brown is running for re election unopposed; he has the Democratic, Republican and Conservative lines. If he gets only one vote, his own, he is re elected. Hardly seems fair, more like shadow boxing then a contest - not much chance of a knockout.

Queens voters will be electing three (3) judges to serve 14 year terms on the NYS Supreme Court - 11th Judicial District.

The Six candidates for NYS Supreme Court Justice in Queens are,

Democrat, Denis j. Butler

Republican, Theodore Stamas

Democrat, Kenneth C. Holder

Republican, Kerry John Katsorhis

Democrat, Steven W. Paynter

Republican, Joseph F. Kasper

Denis Butler, Democrat, is a sitting judge, elected in 2002 to the New York City
Civil Court, Queens County, admitted to the New York Bar in 1991. He has an
approval rating from the New York City Bar Association.
To read the NYC Civil Court bio for Denis Butler CLICK HERE And also, to read his written opinion CLICK HERE

Theodore Stamas, Republican, is a trial attorney with 22 years experience. He
attended public school and college in Queens, lives and works in Queens. Mr
Stamas received an approval rating from the New York City Bar Association.

Kenneth C. Holder, Democrat, is a sitting Civil Court Judge, elected to the
bench in 2005. He has been approved by the New York City Bar Association.
Other then that, not much material is available about him on the Net.

Kerry John Katsorhis, Republican, has 36 years of legal experience with
more than 450 jury trials to verdict as a prosecutor, criminal and civil defense
attorney and plaintiff’s trial attorney. The New York Times writes that Mr.
Katsorhis has been fined by the New York City Conflicts of Interest Board $84,000
the highest fine ever levied, for numerous ethics violations. to read the NY Times story CLICK HERE
The New York City Bar Association has given Mr. Katsorhis a disapproval rating.
CLICK HERE for The New York Observer story

Steven W. Paynter, Democrat, is the senior Civil Court judge in Queens. He
was Queens County Assistant District Attorney 1981-1988, court attorney 1988-
1991, again Assistant District Attorney 1991-1995, and appointed to the Civil Court
in 1996, and presently a sitting justice on the Queens Criminal Court. He has
received an approved rating from the New York City Bar Association. There are a
lot of newspaper articles on the Net that mention Judge Paynter - however no links
are provided here because all the articles were merely cursory, none were
specifically about Judge Paynter or contained any incite into his character or work

Joseph F. Kasper, Republican, is the only candidate in the Queens judicial race
that has a campaign website; click here and let him speak for himself
and a link to The New York Observer article that mentions Mr. Kasper as
disapproved by the New York City Bar Association. is found HERE

Proposal Number 1, An Amendment - Citywide. Is a proposal to allow
the state to convey one acre of forest preserve land to the town of Long Lake to use
as the municipal water supply for the hamlet of Raquette Lake. . . .
Read the entire proposal CLICK HERE

The General Election 2007 a personal view. The paucity of information from
the three incumbent Democrats sitting as Civil Court judges is disconcerting. The
voters must have data on which to weigh a decision, the very same criteria these
judges demand in order to make decisions and do their job, but withhold from the
public, thereby stymieing the electorate and preventing them from doing theirs. They
expect the citizens of Queens to confer a fourteen year apotheosis on their person,
but exert no effort to reveal their public character. Not one of the three sitting Civil
Court judges (all 3 are Democrats) bothered to enter a single line of text into the
New York State 2007 Voter Guide - check it out for yourself,
A Republican has never been elected to the bench in Queens - EVER! So clearly,
the courts are the private preserve of the good-old-boys Queens Democratic Party
machine, and the judges, beholden to machine politicians, have nothing but disdain
for the voters. As for me, I will march into the voting booth on November 6 and
recall fondly the hamlet of Raquette Lake in the Adirondack Mountains, and the
pleasant days passed canoing the lake and camping along the shore - the lake gets
my YEA vote, As to the black robed secret society that wanders through our court
system, they get the ancient three finger salute; I have no intention of playing eni
meni mini mo in the voting booth.

joseph tiraco


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