The Borough of Queens and INDEPENDENCE,  America’s Fastest Growing Political Party. . . Over two million people speaking 185 Different Languages live in Queens . . . New York City’s most dynamic, most diverse community.

INDEPENDENCE delivers content for Independent Voters and  has been continuously active on the Internet for more then 20 years: starting as a private website in 1995, moving to an on-line magazine “InVoter.com” in 2000, and adding this website,  “IndependencePartyOfQueens.com” in 2004,  linking to our media site at “IPNY.net” in 2006, and our secure Pay-Portal at “INPY.us”  in 2012.

This website has received about two-million hits and our stats have remained publicly on-line since inception.  We also publish the Party’s growth statistics from time to time on our website.  You can reach us using our on-line email form HERE




Joseph Tiraco, Publisher and Editor  (C) MMXVI

Joseph Tiraco Publisher and Editor