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  • Special Election in Queens
  • Why Term Limits Matter
  • View 28 minutes of Protest Video

    New York's Fastest Growing Political Party. . . Over two million people speaking 185 Different Languages live in Queens. . . New York City's most dynamic, most diverse community - the Borough of Queens.


    A close look at a New York Backroom Deal. Shuffle Off To Buffalo for this two minute Swipe a City heist. Two Mr Bigs behind the caper, Cuomo the power broker and Bloomberg the Bread Man. Together they protect from prosecution and enrich the discredited leadership at the center of New York State's largest Third Party for their own selfish reasons.
    Click HERE or on the Image for Video coverage


    Unbelievable. A meeting hidden between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Easy to see why the party bosses didn’t want anyone to see, "THE HIJACKING OF BUFFALO NY."
    Click HERE or on the Image for Video coverage


    There is only one Independence Party Primary race in New York City, Joseph E. Tiraco, Independence Party District Leader 28th AD, against Eric Uldrich, Republican incumbent City Councilman, contending for State Senate and Independence Party State Committee.
    . . . READ MORE

    Three Ring Circus

    trunk to tail round and round they go
    One name going across all the lines at the ballot box - “nobody else to vote for but me.” This is the iconic show business name up in lights dream, but for a different breed of ham actor - the politician. Grab those voters by the scruff of the neck and rub their noses in it!
    . . . READ MORE (cache)



    In a stunning 6 minute meeting, the New York State Independence Party moved tightly into the orbit of the Democratic Party. The Independence governing State Committee, some 200 elected District Leaders were present only on paper. The Democratic party had no one in attendance personally or by electronic media from either the candidate or their party. There was no keynote or acceptance speech. In short, the Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand cross-endorsement was a classic backroom deal by the party's beleaguered, mired in scandal leadership which apparently has lost all respect for itself. Click HERE or on the Image Above for Video coverage

    Date, March 11, 2012
    Place, Albany Ramada Plaza
    Time, 11AM
    Purpose, To nominate a candidate for the U.S. Senate.
    IPNY Meeting Notice March 11
    Click to Enlarge.

    Independence Party, an Analysis
    What is the State Committee?
    What is a Proxy Statement?
    What are the Party Rules?
    . . . READ MORE (cache)


    Date, February 11, 2012
    Place, Albany Ramada Plaza
    Time, 11AM
    Purpose, To amend party rules.
    IPNY Meeting Notice Feb 11
    Click to Enlarge.

    The Queens 2011 Holiday Party Scene

    Borough's Notables Offer Their Season Greetings

    Cong Gary Ackerman and Marsela
    Click to Enlarge.
    Marsela 2
    Click to Enlarge.

    Four From Marsela Meraku

    Marsela 3
    Click to Enlarge.
    Marsela 4
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    General Election November 8th 2011

    For Judicial Candidates
    2011 is an off year, and only judicial candidates are running in Queens County. The Independence Party has not endorsed any candidates in Queens, our ballot line is empty.
    4 More Info goto BOE site

    Special Election September 13th 2011

    David Weprin vrs. Bob Turner

    HOLD YOUR NOSE And Vote Independence

    Why? Because Independence represents the center of politics. We are a collection of centrists, moderates and hard nose pragmatists. Not ideologues of either stripe - spotted leopards in a field of zebras. And while neither candidate, Bob Turner (an unabashed “Righty”) or David Weprin (a “toe the line” Democrat) shows the slightest sign of independent thought, don’t just flip a coin, Vote only INDEPENDENCE.


    Show without ambiguity that,


    Vote Independence

    June 8, 2010



    NY State election law requires candidates for public office to file petitions signed by 5% of their party membership who reside within the venue of the office being sought. That is, only voters enrolled in the Independence Party who are eligible to vote for the candidate in a primary election are permitted to sign his or her petition.

    What are people saying by signing a candidate’s petition? “I agree that this person should get a chance to compete for this public office.” What they are NOT saying is, “I will vote for this candidate,” or “I approve of this candidate’s policies.” . . . READ MORE (cache)

    June 1, 2010


    The 2010 Candidate Screening process is now in progress. If you are seeking a slot on Ballot Line C (The New York State Independence Party) CONTACT US HERE

    SUMMER JOBS 2010

    IMMEDIATE OPENINGS. Petition Carriers, Campaign Workers. June - November 2010. Part Time, name your own hours, work in Queens. Good opportunity to learn about politics and running for public office. MUST BE ENROLLED TO VOTE IN THE INDEPENDENCE PARTY, OR BE AN INDEPENDENT BLANK (never voted before.) $10-$20 hour. Bilingual applicants welcome (English and any other language.) CONTACT US HERE or FAX resume to 718-275-1323.

    February 9, 2010

    Special Election in Queens

    David I Weprin held a press conference to announce his Independence Party candidacy, and Mike Neibauer was there to welcome him on-board. Click HERE or on the Image Above for Video coverage

    October 31 2009

    Why Term Limits Matter

    Michael Bloomberg with his disarming Howdy Doody smile exudes all the charm of a deep water shark relentlessly plying the icy North Atlantic. Just recently, in a shocking breach of public trust, he swam across the Rubicon, chewing through the safety net incumbent weary voters were comfortably tucked behind. The justification? "Who needs term limits when a man of my talent is working for you for free, or to be more accurate, a mere buck a year. Why? Because I love you." The implied point comes across with all the earnestness Bostonians reserve for their brethren New Yorkers.
    Read It All Click HERE


    Queens County Candidate Screening Starts ... Read More

    Against NYC Councilman John Liu

    View 28 minutes of Protest Video

    Click on Photo at Left

    Click to Enlarge.
    The Independence Party of Queens welcomed the Year of the Ox and waved goodby to the Rat in a Chinese New Year protest against Flushing City Council member John Liu....Read More on The Liu Protest at the Blogosphere
    Come and join the Independence Party of Queens GET ACTIVE - VOLUNTEER NOW.

    Your Opinion Counts.

    Click the login text at the upper right of this screen, then choose the register link, and follow the instructions. It's THAT EASY to become a registered user of this website. All you need is a working email account. OR CONTACT US On-Line Click HERE

    New York City TERM LIMITS

    The City Hall Tragedy....Read More on Term Limits at the Blogosphere

    Candidates Screening And Reception

    Wednesday May 28, 2008 4 to 9PM
    Thursday May 29, 2008 11AM to 9PM
    Friday May 30, 2008 by appointment
    If you are interested in promoting good government and political reform by running for US Congress, New York State Senate, New York State Assembly and local positions on the New York State Independence Party ballot line Column C contact us. This event is the only official candidates screening authorized by, the New York State Independence Party, the Hon. Frank MacKay?, Chairman, the Hon. Thomas Connelly, Vice Chairman, Albany, New York.

    Citizen Legislators CLICK HERE to set up an appointment with our Candidates Screening Committee.

    Three More Video Interviews from the Niebauer/Struhs Production Team.

    From the New American Democrats fund raising at the Taj Mahial in Queens, Congressman Weiner, Congressman Meeks, and Councilman Weprin - three political superstars on the Queens scene. More At The Blogosphere (cache)

    Mike Niebauer interviews Bobby Kumar, Nassau County Chairman.

    The Independence Party of Nassau opened a new community help office, November 15, 2007. Mike Niebauer and James Struhs showed up with camera and microphone in hand. You can see the result HERE

    General Election, Tuesday November 6, 2007

    The so-called "OFF-YEAR" election is upon us. Some very powerful people with life and death in the balance are grabbing for the brass ring - 14 year terms, and keeping the voters completely in the dark. We jam a flashlight in the most shadowy nook of all politics. The Queens County Judicial Election. READ MORE

    Mike Niebauer With Jeff Graham, Mayor of Watertown, NY

    Mayor Graham is one of two incumbent Independence Party elected officials. He is running for re election and if he wins, it will make him the longest running mayor in Watertown's 200 year history. click HERE or on photo at right.

    Video Coverage of Independence Party of America Organizational Kickoff (Sept. 23 2007)

    Surprise! surprise! State Chairman Mackay was crowned National Chairman of this new nationwide Independence Party. Just what is going on here? and Who is pulling the strings? The answers are probably as oblique as, Who's buried in Grant's Tomb? Click here to see if you can figure this one out. click HERE or on photo at left

    Video Interview With State Chairman, Mackay (Sept. 25 2007)

    Frank MacKay? is only the second State Chairman the Independence Party of New York has ever had. He was swept up into office in what amounted to a palace coup, displacing Tom Golisano's hand picked party czar. He vowed to bring greater local control to the party, and some would say his record on this account is dismal. But let's reserve our critique of this hands on chairman for a later day. For now, click HERE to watch this astonishing performance. It's well worth a few clicks.

    New For 2007, The IPQ BLOGOSPHERE

    Our website has undergone a major revision for 2007.
    Visit the New IPQ Blogosphere (cache)

    2007 - November Election in Retrospect

    Eliot Spitzer may have won the New York governorship in a landslide - or so says the press; but to New York City's Independence Party enrolled voters, he was a complete dud. Independence voters abandoned their ballot line in droves, or stayed home alltogether. What could have caused this massive disconnect?
    ............Read More (cache)............
    Votes Cast On The Independence Party Ballot Line, Election 2006.
    Total NYC Total Outside NYC
    36,882 (38% of enrolled) 153,779 (62% of enrolled)

    Independence Party Still Expanding

    In spite of the poor ballot line showing in November, the New York State Board of Elections reports continued statewide increases for voter enrollment in the Independence Party.

    Pre-Election Final Independence Party Demographics for New York City

    The number of voters enrolled in the Independence Party, listed by NYC borough.
    Below figures as of Novenber 1, 2006
    NYC Borough IP Enrolled Voters
    Manhattan 29,320
    Brooklyn 25,992
    Queens 21,293
    Bronx 13,487
    Staten Island 6,847
    Total NYC 96,939
    Total Outside NYC 249,018
    Total Statewide 345,957

    2006 New York Gubernatorial Election

    Three term governor George Pataki is stepping down and new hands are groping for the helm of state.

    The 06 petition drive started June 7th and ends on July 17.

    The signatures of five percent of enrolled party voters in a candidate's district is mandatory under New York State law for a candidate to make the ballot. Signing petitions is both the right and duty of citizenship. But how much do you really know about the petition process? READ MORE ABOUT IT IN THIS JUNE 2002 ARTICLE FROM THE INVOTER.COM ARCHIVE (cache)

    Summer Activities.

    Click to Enlarge.
    Come and visit the Independence Party voters booth for the Maspeth street fair on June 11. Bring the kids for free cotton candy. Look for us around town registering new voters, walking picket lines, and holding press events. GET ACTIVE - VOLUNTEER NOW.

    Your Opinion Counts.

    Click the login text at the upper right of this screen, then choose the register link, and follow the instructions. It's THAT EASY to become a registered user of this website. All you need is a working email account. Registered users can freely express themselves at our forums, by choosing a new subject and starting a dialogue.

    idea Have you read the Independence Party Platform at (cache).

    Independence Party Demographics for New York City

    The number of voters enrolled in the Independence Party, listed by NYC borough.
    Below figures as of April 10, 2006
    NYC Borough IP Enrolled Voters
    Manhattan 21,074
    Brooklyn 20,502
    Queens 18,206
    Bronx 10,155
    Staten Island 5,643
    Total NYC 75,580

    Independence Party Demographics for Queens County

    NY State Assembly District Independence Party Membership Queens Neighborhood
    23 1,197 Howard Beach, Ozone Park, the Rockaways
    24 1,249 Floral Park, Glen Oaks, Oakland Grdns, Hollis, Bellerose
    25 997 Linden Hill, Whitestone, Fresh Meadows, Richmond Hill, Jamaica
    26 1,242 Glen Oaks, Whitestone, Bay Terrace, Bayside, Little Neck
    27 1,032 Linden Hill, College Point, Utopia, Rego Park, Kew Gardens, Jamaica
    28 1,354 Rego Park, Forest Hills, Middle Village, Kew Gardens, Maspeth
    29 961 St. Albans, Springfield Gardens, Rosedale, Hollis, Jamaica, Rochdale Village
    30 1,178 Long Island City, Astoria, Sunnyside, Elmhurst, Woodside, Maspeth, Middle Village
    31 915 Springfield Gardens, Richmond Hill, Ozone Park, Rosedale, Far Rockaway, Arverne

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