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The Contenders

The Contenders

for the Independence Party Ballot Line

by joseph tiraco

March 2016

Feeling and intuition belong to animals as well as men; reason belongs to man alone.
Government, the communal act of applying reason to the public good, has a uniqueness that separates one from the other the tribes of mankind; people get the government they deserve.

A people provoked to anger are generally not in a reasonable frame of mind, falling back on feeling and intuition to make decisions.

The atmospherics of this year's presidential election suggest the nation is stuck in the mud and the voters want someone - anyone who can yank it out. Retro-style politics is definitely out, but politicians keep fishing for answers in troubled waters with only bare hooks and empty nets to show for it. Shock and awe, bluster and bamboozle are the styles of the day - reason is kicked aside as ineffectual. Appeals are to the gut instead of the brain, forcing an inevitable clash of extremes: the choices are plutocracy and corporate sovereignty against unfettered socialism.

Donald Trump

The freewheeling personality of Donald Trump first disported itself in Trump for President 2000; Trump's early effort to capture the New York State Independence Party's presidential ballot line. The attempt failed. Sixteen years later, he's only a stone's throw away from the presidency.

The media see similarities between the rise of fascism in the 1930s and Trump's present day pursuit of political power; such as, a crude iron-willed demotic no holds barred assault on rivals, the use of bigotry, self aggrandizement, scape goats, mockery and thugs to quell opposition; the flaunting of bigger then life symbols like the Trump jumbo jet, Trump sky scrapers, Trump products and Trump Trump Trump everything. The pretentious posturing resembles the playbook of every would-be strongman. Aside from the artificial excitement being generated in lieu of substance, a disturbing reflection of the man is emerging.

Disturbing yes, crude, bigoted, artful, egocentric and overbearing, yes again, but no more so then Andrew Jackson was to his contemporaries. Whip out a twenty dollar bill and take a good look. A grateful nation thought enough of the man to enshrine him between Lincoln and Grant. Maybe the jutting jaw of mister ego forty-feet high is destined to wind up on a new billion dollar bill. After all, this is America - land of the people's choice.

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders, United States Senator for Vermont, is the Independent thoroughbred in this race.

Vermonters are a pushy breed, elbowing their way between New York and New Hampshire to become the 14 th state in the nascent American Republic. And they did it the old fashioned way - by distinctive service in the Revolutionary War.

The Green Mountains were claimed by three of the Thirteen Original Colonies. All the farms therein had meaningless land titles - no one knew for sure who owned what. When the Revolution started, Ethan Allen gathered his neighbors at a local tavern to form a militia. They aptly named themselves, "The Green Mountain Boys."

The mountaineers tramped off to do some serious soldiering and drinking (not necessarily in that order - it took several lusty days of drinking before a plan was hatched.) Under cover of darkness, the Boys infiltrated Fort Ticonderoga, the famous citadel that controlled the water route between Canada and New York. They took the garrison prisoner without killing a single person. They scaled Crown Point and took the fortress there, then captured the largest warship on Lake Champlain. The fort's cannon were hauled to Boston where George Washington used them to expel the British fleet from Boston Harbor. Boston was free.

When the war was over, Ethan Allen petitioned Congress to accept his homeland as a new state. Congress flatly turned him down - the Thirteen Original Colonies claimed their borders went from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans. There was no need and no room for any more states. Undeterred, Allen went to see George Washington to press his cause. On a long ago stormy Christmas night, had he not reprised Ethan's daring raid? Mindful of the debt, Washington agreed to speak to congress on his behalf. And the Green Mountain State of Vermont was born. America henceforth become an open community of states.

Bernie Sanders is the quintessential Vermonter, reelected to the U.S. Senate by a 74 percent majority of the electorate. He keeps a boyish Green Mountain grin on his face at all times, and takes every opportunity to roll up his sleeves to the elbow. Always a gentleman, he works the crowd like an old pro, moves slowly and flashes the infectious smile; one can feel a playful jab to the ribs even across the room or a thousand miles away watching his performance on screen.

Sanders seems to own the style and delivery that makes his audience lean forward and listen intently - that fireside-chat quality is coming over the airways all these years latter. Likening Bernie Sanders to FDR is not all that far fetched. The two share almost identical social visions. Listen to a Sanders speech today then revisit a Roosevelt stump speech from the 1930s; sounds like an echo blowing in the wind. Franklin though, would never, ever, had labeled himself a Socialist - he was too shrewd for honesty that might cost him votes. He was a Democrat through and through (actually a Republicrat from a long blood-line of recusant NY Republicans.)

Sanders, on the other hand, has elbowed his way in and out of the Democratic Party whenever it suited him. In fact, there may be a revolving door at Democratic Party headquarters with his name on it: Sanders Enter Here - Sanders Exit There - whuzz. It doesn't seem to have hurt him a bit with his constituents. A Wall Street poll rating the candidates on the economy gave Bernie a zero. No pain there either. Still to come: the rating voters give to this many-billowed surge of reason diseur and the man with the sharpest elbows in the race.

Michael Bloomberg

No. Not me. I'm out. It's over. I am not a candidate. Positively not. That's absolute and definitely final. No further comments!

Don't believe anything coming out of the horse's mouth. Bloomberg is itching to run. And his rationale for staying out of the D.C. derby makes, as usual, perfect horse sense. Bloomberg is the model thinker, methodical in his actions, having no equal or match. Beneath the placid public exterior rages a wild man painstakingly restrained by a powerful mind. Before the beast is unchained, the world at large must be meticulously prepared for the great escape.

Mayor Bloomberg - throughout his 12 year tenure - maintained a close relationship with the Independence Party. Over that period, a movement to expand and solidify the remnants of Ross Perot's presidential campaigns emanated from New York under the name, Independence Party of America. This nationwide political network has the same leadership and party bosses as the Independence Party of New York. A candidate can step into this wide-area network, and overnight, magically appear on multiple state ballots for any office they choose.

Bear in mind the deadline for independent candidates to file the legal paperwork to run for public office is not until July, and under special conditions, can be extended beyond. Eliot Spitzer, after procrastinating until the very last minute, threw money at the problem and pulled a rabbit out of his hat with an amazing city-wide two day independent petition drive to appear on the ballot for NYC Mayor. He lost at the polls, but not because he missed filing deadlines. All one needs in the land of opportunity is the money to match one's ambitions. Michael Bloomberg has the ambition and he has the money.

Hillary Clinton

Right now, she is grappling with the two hostile and fluctuating components of human society - order and liberty. As her Presidential Campaign winds from ocean to ocean, through an expanse dotted with sprawling city-states, the grandest their ever was, the masses, stimulated by competition, and living life with a zest, fullness and creative originality that no other society has ever known, a national snapshot reveals a substrata of political divisiveness and acrimony we hardly knew existed. Unless our government - self government - can rise above fraternal strife, the freedom we as a people idolize will be destroyed.

Bad trade policy has exacerbated the problem; specifically, NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement President Clinton sold to the American people. Compare this policy to President Theodore Roosevelt building the Panama Canal without locks and allowing the two oceans of unequal height to wash away Central America. President Clinton opened the floodgates, and American workers with the highest standard of living on earth saw their union jobs washed away in an unprecedented corporate migration to China, a slave state that had the lowest living standards on earth. China rose as America fell.

Trade - the division of labor and distribution of products thereof - is as old as the human race, and the handmaiden of civilization. The earliest writing known are bills of lading etched in stone and scratched on clay tablets. Equally as old are taxes and tolls levied on trade to systematically support government and hence, prosper civil societies - with the main alternative being pillage, piracy and bands of brutish hierarchies. Unfair and excessive taxes and tolls are just piracy in disguise. History is replete with a million examples that this is the way of the world.

Exactly how politicians expect to fund government without tolls and taxes on trade is a mystery? A system that has grown up with mankind since the dawn of history cannot just be waved away. The innovation is paramount to evolutionary change and subject to Darwinian interpretation. All the G7 high standard of living nations that followed America's lead in the Free Trade experiment are also currently in decline. Obviously, the plan to shift the tax burden away from trade and onto ordinary workers is clearly a failure. Corporations, over the last two centuries, have been slowly breaking the bonds of government control. The trend has accelerated since Nixon's trip to China, the Reagan Revolution, Clinton's NAFTA. And now, new international trade policies under consideration give corporations (by using legalese abstruseness within the agreements) powers to self regulate and incontestable sovereignty - sovereign corporations, a new class of warring fiefdoms to make global mischief - another first in human history. Corporations have reached the point where it is cheaper to corrupt government then to pay for it. This is the backdrop to the 2016 Elections - the dirt under the carpet and Hillary's burden to surmount.

Mrs. Clinton never tires of telling the public that she is running for her first term as President, not her husband's third term. This is totally unbelievable. Perhaps Bill Clinton should admit to his error - or miscalculation - on trade policy, apologize, vow to do all in his power ( his powers to solve the problem are considerable - even super - and once depurated, solidly believable) and promise to rectify the damage. Americans are accepting of contrition and love sincere penitents. The Clintons are the most cosmopolitan first-family since Franklin and Eleanor, and their equals in intelligence, political acumen and singleness of purpose. But if Hillary is to get her swing at the ball and a chance to show HER home-run power, she will have to dispel this simple children's schoolyard taunt: "Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me."

Free Trade has always been a dream of mankind, one of the three great aspirations of all time: Universal Peace, Universal Elimination of Poverty, Universal Free Trade. It is to our credit that we keep trying to achieve them all. And someday we will.

Under the rubric of "TRADE" we find the real religion of America - "PROSPERITY" - the worship of industry, business, commerce, trade and wealth; the edification of Prosperity for All, not just the elite few.

Joe Tiraco ran for public office on the Independence Party ballot line three times and served on The New York Independence Party State Committee numerous times since the Party's inception. He has worked on the three Golisano gubernatorial campaigns, the two Ross Perot presidential campaigns, and briefly, the Hagelin-Goldhaber presidential campaign, and the Trump for President 2000 campaign. Joe remains a committed Centrist activist writer and editor.

Contact: joseph tiraco PO Box 750412 Forest Hills NY 11375-0412 Email:

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