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StartedSaturday 20 of May, 2006
Days online4148
Total pageviews2662568
Average pageviews per day641.89
Best dayThursday 04 of July, 2013 (31131 pvs)
Worst dayMonday 07 of August, 2006 (1 pvs)
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Wiki Pages4
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Average page length6200.00 bytes
Average versions per page28.25
Visits to wiki pages148708
Orphan pages4
Average links per page2.25
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Average images per gallery6.58
Total size of images6.612308 Mb
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Visits to image galleries109236
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Total reads
Average reads per article0.00
Total articles size bytes
Average article size0.00 bytes
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Total topics2
Average topics per forums2.00
Total threads0
Average threads per topic0.00
Visits to forums68101
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Total posts0
Average posts per weblog0.00
Total size of blog posts
Average posts size0.00
Visits to weblogs1039
Faq Stats
Total questions0
Average questions per FAQ0.00
User Stats
User bookmarks0
Average bookmarks per user0.00

Most viewed objects
HomePage wiki 143621
Register Voters image 11258
IMG_3166-1039x618.JPG image 9780
marsela2011D23AckermanParty-1.jpg image 8232
marsela2011D23MikeNiebauerTVShow.jpg image 7724
tenantrightsandinterests.jpg image 7545
maspeth10.jpg image 7509
protestvjohnliu109.jpg image 7393
Tenant Rights image 7380
Congressman Anthony D. Weiner image 7240
Street Protest image 7106
meetingnotice3112012.gif image 6890
meetingnotice2112012.gif image 6873
whiteeagle.gif image 6834
maspeth8.jpg image 6757
clown.jpg image 6756
maspeth3.jpg image 6723
maspeth4.jpg image 6707
marsela2011D23AckermanParty-3.jpg image 6695
maspeth5.jpg image 6682

Most viewed objects in the last 7 days
HomePage wiki 258
Register Voters image 53
2013-3-30ipnyMaryRoseThumb.jpg image 47
Tenant Rights image 44
ipAlbany51913 021-800x600.jpg image 43
IMG_3175-1126x752.JPG image 42
maspeth8.jpg image 42
ipAlbany51913 017-800x600.jpg image 42
tenantrightsandinterests.jpg image 41
meetingnotice3112012.gif image 41
ipAlbanySanyo51913 004-800x800.jpg image 39
ipAlbany51913 013-800x600.jpg image 39
maspeth3.jpg image 39
ipAlbany51913 012-800x600.jpg image 39
IMG_3166-1039x618.JPG image 39
2013.png image 38
maspeth4.jpg image 37
Mackay Acceptance Speech image 37
ipAlbany51913 019-800x600.jpg image 36

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